Why education development?

 In the race between technology development and education development, technology is the winner. Today smart devices start to learn and to know how to drive a car while many kids don’t have the skill to imagine how to fix a small toy, not because they can’t but because they have been told they can’t.

To understand more, let’s start by looking at the people how left the current educational system:

next infographic illustrates 5 past participants in the current education system who "Failed" to complete the education path according to the current evaluation system, but at the same time, they changed the world we live in.



And the most important thing has they changed our daily life.

From here we can take a deep breath and think about our need to have a development operation in our education system, people who changed our lives is out of the education system? That means many creative and effective people have been dissolved in the system, not because it’s unsuitable system but because it became undeveloped enough to empower the creativity and innovation.

This education system development is a very critical and urgent need. Even if they are voluntary dropped out, but at the end it still a failure in our current education system, because rejecting or pushing creative and innovative people to be dropped off is not accepted anymore.

System Vision:

We are working to reach an Education/Learning system empowers people creativity and leads them to convert this creativity to added value global achievements. The main axis of our system is CREATIVITY & INNOVATION.

Our global society is tending towards the full automation, so tomorrow, only creative and innovative work and mentality will be accepted and have the added value. So, we need to develop the education system to in line with this tending.

Our Approach:

We look at the education development process as an accumulative work, all of us should join in a way or another because education/learning system development is the most important development process human being make. it determines our future and our planet future.

We need an Education/Learning system with more Innovation, Creativity, and Humanity.

our approach to reaching this level is by redesigning the education & learning system using methodologies that brought the 4th industrial revolution and the information age and led us to this point.


Company Approximate Value
Microsoft 743 B $
Apple 913 B $
Facebook 538 B $
WhatsApp 19 B $
Uber 48 B $
Total 2261 Billion US dollar        2,261 Trillion $