How our future education will be?


“Curricula worldwide have often been tweaked, but they have never been completely redesigned to synchronize the accelerated development of artificial intelligence & its effects in our societies.”

In a fast look to future programs, you easily saw that the automation and Artificial Intelligence is the key to all development.

Next era is the smart machine era, where predictive work done by smart machines.


With a fast look at the top projects for future education from technology moguls like hp, Apple, Microsoft, Google,


you will easily see smart devices is the key to the Hardware development.

And In our vision to a Future Education System, we clearly see that too, Smart devices with advanced AI will be a key player in educational tools, we add to that, smart curricula too.

 Future curricula should use AI to develop itself and create a living content while delivering a personalized curriculum to education system users according, this will affect teacher and all education process element.