It is time to take your school to the future, with "Azora" Smart Education System, we build a full system includes the development of your curricula content to use smart technologies, Management system, Student progress system, class management system with many other options and details.

we are not only using management for resources such as data related to students and administration, but also keep track of student academics, attendance reports as well, and analyze the data to present a unique personalized educational system.

Thereby we create satisfactory results for our clients which further help them to develop and enhance,
as we believe that good education system is the keywords for students success, we believe that school management system is part from the education system, and affects students performance, so we deliver a total solution to take a step in Future.

so we cooperate to move toward a future school and upgrade the whole system. to become closer to an Education System where students are creative and innovative.
Your school with our system and technology will prepare students smartly to be effective in the smart future.

- Contact us and jump into the future.

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• Full curriculum (Public or Private).
• Daily schedule.
• Homeworks and Activities.
• Interactive education.
• Know the student's Location.
• Payment card inside the school.
• Follow up the student's health status.
• Direct contact between parents and school.

• Access to the teacher account on Cloud system.
• Prepare quick tests.
• Download exercises and activities.
• Design of lessons and homeworks.
• Communicate and follow up with parents.
• Control the alternative teacher system.
• Arrange and organize educational work.
• Review student Homewroks and activities.
• Interact with each student according to student needs.
• Communicate with students' devices and follow up their work.
• Preparing follow-up and evaluating the students for management.
• Communicate with teachers and specialists around the world.
• Training and continuous development of technical education skills.
• Distribution of curricula and follow-up to students, each according to his own program.

• Class schedule.
• Student performance analysis.
• Attendance records for the class.
• Distribution of activities on students' devices.
• Receive jobs from students' devices.
• Linking the teacher's device to the students' devices.
• Includes alternative teacher software and techniques.
• Delivering follow-up reports between admin /students.
• Analyze the performance of students in the classroom.

• Student attendance schedules.
• Teachers' schedules?
• Student performance analysis
• Performance analysis of teachers.
• Planning individual needs of students.
• Measure individual progress of students.
• Medical reports for students.
• Teacher follow-up reports.
• Safe student surveillance system.
• The alternative teacher system.
• Managing the development of the educational process.
• Updating the devices and programs in the school.
• Technical management of the educational process.

• Continuous development services.
• The teacher is able to work from anywhere.
• Sending students homeworks and exercises.
• Continuing development of educational content.
• Data analysis and performance evaluation services.
• Education and communication anywhere and anytime.

Processor MediaTek 1.3GHz Quad-Core
Operating System Android 5.0
Sound Dolby
Memory LP-DDR3 1GB
Battery 3450 mAh
Dimensions 113 x 9.9 x 190 (mm)
Weight 300 g
Display 7.0  1024*600 IPS
Cameras 0.3 MP  /  2 MP
Warranty 1 Year