Not just a device, it's a platform for the creativity in our children hands.


Through  AZORA creative kids tablet, we strive to build an imaginative and creative generation and full of innovative and development solutions.


The device is based on Augmented Reality technologies.

 Through the 18 main applications, with more than 150 cards, the device can recognize and interact with them in a new way that draws the attention of children and encourages them to learn and teach,  The device enhances the accuracy of observation in children, by stimulating the brain to follow and check the mechanism of action of the device,

 And how ordinary papers turn into objects and forms of movement and speech,

 All this drives the brain to seek answers and acquire new skills in an attempt to

 understand what is happening around it and to participate in it through imagination.

 We have chosen the device carefully to ensure stability, accuracy, and clarity,


 The design and programming of accompanying applications have been made carefully to  simplify the technology provided in an acceptable and attractive way to children so their minds deal with it easily and do not move away from it due to complicity.

Technical Specifications:

Processor MediaTek 1.3GHz Quad-Core
Operating System Android 5.0
Sound Dolby
Memory LP-DDR3 1GB
Battery 3450 mAh
Dimensions 113 x 9.9 x 190 (mm)
Weight 300 g
Display 7.0  1024*600 IPS
Cameras 0.3 MP  /  2 MP
Warranty 1 Year